Jorgensen Financial Services

Jorgensen Financial Services is an independent financial services firm. We have chosen Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. as our broker dealer through who we have access to an almost endless number of outstanding companies, products and services to meet the investment, insurance and financial planning needs of our clients.

At Jorgensen Financial Services we pride ourselves on our low pressure and educational approach to investing and financial planning. A typical new client experience with our firm involves a first meeting whereby the prospective client meets with George in an informal and relaxed setting where we discuss any issues that the client wishes to discuss. This also affords George an opportunity to ask a number of questions to best ascertain the specific and individual circumstances surrounding the client. The second goal of that first meeting is to give the client the opportunity to “kick the tires” to better determine whether or not they wish to enter into a working relationship with George and Jorgensen Financial Services. It’s important to note that all successful financial relationships revolve around one key element and that is “trust”. Only through trust can a relationship between an investor and investment professional be successful.

At the end of the first meeting, George will respond to the client in writing, addressing the specific issues that were discussed and offer recommendations. Once the client has reviewed that information at their convenience, a second meeting is scheduled whereby a more in depth discussion occurs about specific investments and products.

If you would like to contact George directly through his email you may at

Please remember that email is not a secure form of communication.  Don’t send personal information by email.

George Jorgensen is a registered representative of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Cambridge and its affiliated insurance agencies offer securities, advisory services, and certain insurance products. Cambridge is not affiliated with Jorgensen Financial Services or First Security Bank or its affiliates.

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